Wednesday, April 13, 2011

bathroom clean-up.

This past weekend I was motivated to get my bathroom organization tackled. There are tons of beauty products I never use and then there are some I don't use because I forgot I had them. Same goes for my jewelry...and certain pieces of jewelry can make or break an outfit, so getting that organized was the most important.

I started with purchasing a plastic desk/office organizer ($4 or so, found at Target) All the small broken up compartments allowed me to separate everything from chapstick to bobby pins, hair binders and make-up. I had also posted a while back about these Anthropologie bowls I purchased and was able to use them to keep my jewelry pieces I wear the most-seen and easy to grab.

I wanted to keep the things I used everyday close and up front...things I use every once and a while were put into a larger crate and stored in our guest bathroom. I purchased more clear, pullout drawer organizers and separated my jewelry. One drawer holding all gold, the second silver and the third was color/misc. I purchased a smaller version that I used only for earrings. I'm hoping this will help keep things neat and easy to find when I need them.

For necklaces, I placed a hook (more will be placed) on the inside of my bathroom drawer to hold my necklaces that are more delicate and worn on a regular basis.

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