Thursday, July 14, 2011

wedding recap.

WOW! Is pretty much all I can say. As many of your warned, your wedding day really does FLY by! I still can't get over it. And, on another note, I CANNOT get over how much fun I had (I hope you all that were there, had just as much fun as I did) I mean, I wanna do it again this weekend- any takers?

 Everything turned out beyond perfect! 

I wanted to give our vendors a little shout out since all of their work is worthy of some praise!

Our flowers were done by La Tulipe Floral, by Becca Dauska 
She was amazing to work with and envisioned everything I had drawn up in my mind perfectly. The flowers turned out beautiful!

Our photographer, Brandon Werth is wonderfully talented and I can't wait to see all the pictures that come back. 

Our band, The Brian Kinney Band who did EXACTLY what I wanted and kept everyone dancing all night long-along with showing me my husband CAN dance. They were incredible and blew all my expectations away!  

Nicollet Island Pavilion/Mintahoe Catering for providing such a beautiful setting (yes, thank you mother nature for a gorgeous day as well) Nicole was a delight and everything ran so smoothly!

Thank you to a special friend of the family (I'm leaving her name anonymous so she doesn't receive phone calls throughout all hours of the day)  for all her talent, knowledge and help with our gorgeous music throughout our church service- truly breathtaking!

The amazing talent at AVANT Salon, especially Ann Freund for doing my hair. It's wasn't hard to make my bridesmaids more beautiful than they already are, but to give them hairstyles they love is-mission accomplished!
"like" AVANT on FB here!

Amanda Kautt and Madeline Petersen at l'atelier couture for providing me the choice of having SUCH an AMAZING dress! You ladies were wonderful and I experienced the utmost customer service with you both.

*Ladies, if your ever looking for your wedding dress, PLEASE stop in here...the dresses DO NOT compare anywhere else in the cities-I promise!*
You can also follow their blog here to see what new buzz is hitting the wedding industry!

And last, but not least...thank you to ALL our wonderful family and friends who helped and were there to celebrate our day with us. It really would not have been as special without you all there.
*If I'm forgetting anyone, I'm very sorry & you all made our day as special as possible!

Thank you ALL so much!
Love, Katie and Jonathan Falkowski


  1. You looked absolutely stunning in the few pics I've seen. Can't wait to see the rest!! Congrats :)

  2. Hello! My name is Jaclyn- I saw your wedding picture on pinterest and was blown away. I looked at your wedding pictures and they are simply stunning. I am recently engaged and was wondering if you wouldn't mind telling me where you got your crystal necklace? I have been looking for something like this for so long!! If you could let me know it would be so appreciated! Thank you!