Wednesday, July 27, 2011

trending now: feathers.

 I recently purchased these shoes from Anthropologie partially because of the peacock feathers and partially because I just thought they were cute. Since then, I have noticed feathers everywhere!

Feather earrings, necklackes and even hair extentions. I wanted to share somewhere else I have been noticeing feathers popping up...fingernails. 

doesn't this look cool?

I found a do-it-yourself feather nail tutorial that I will be trying over the weekend! 

What do you think? If you wanna give it a shot-here are the steps:

What you’ll need :
A bag of feathers
A base coat 
thick clear top coat 

  1. prep your nails with the base coat
  2. use your base color
  3. apply your fast drying top coat, then press the feather using a tweezers quickly before it drys.
  4. with a small, sharp scissors, cut the remaining edges of the feather hanging off your nail. 
  5. apply a few top coats over your finished look
  6. repeat on the remaining nails

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