Wednesday, May 11, 2011

packing-the "lite" way.

I know it's hard to always pack with just a carry on, but these days with the price of checking a bag your vacation can add up. $25 dollars could be spent on 2-4 drinks depending where your flying off to. Here are some tips to help you maximize your mini suitcase space.

1. Try to avoid under-packing as well as over-packing. Your clothes will wrinkle more easily if they are getting shifted around.
2. Wear your biggest and bulkiest layers on the plane. They won't take up the space in your suitcase and you'll be prepared if you get cold on the plane. 
3. Use ALL spaces. Make sure to pack jewelry, small toiletries or even socks in the front toes of your shoes. 
4. Roll & don't fold your jeans, pajamas and t-shirts. This will create more space without creating more wrinkles.
5. A small leather pouch can be put on double duty- used as a clutch & a carry all for your toiletries.
6. Make sure you use zip-lock baggies to safeguard anything that could snag or leak out. 
7. Try to pack by separating your lights, brights and dark's to prevent any of your colors leaking onto each other. (dark denim and suede shoes are the worst!)
8. This is easy for me, but try packing in neutral colors and adding a few standout shades. This makes mixing and matching super easy. 
9. Have a place where you stash all your 3 oz. mini liquids at home, so you can easily throw them together when packing. If not, you can get stuck throwing in full size bottles last minute.
10. When returning home, wrap your souvenirs in your socks or rolled t-shirts to keep them safe and stable.

Happy traveling!

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