Monday, May 23, 2011

NYC guide: part 2

I knew it wouldn't be long before the NYC guide: part 2 surfaced. There are just TOO many great places not to share. With a lot of people traveling throughout the summer months, I wanted to make sure I had my recommendations up & available for all you city dwellers.

Kittichai, located at 60 Thompson Street [inside the Thompson Hotel]

What do I say about this place...I could really go on & on. My fiance and I were given the name of this restaurant by recommendation and I can honestly say, it was and has remained the best dinner I've ever eaten.
The atmosphere is beyond intimate and gorgeous, along with the best tasting food. I will say to save this place for a special occasion though it is a bit on the pricey side, but worth EVERY PENNY!

 Beauty & Essex, located at 146 Essex Street
[view from the outside]

walk inside & find...

Beauty & Essex was also a recommendation. We were told to head over and look for a pawn shop, plan on standing in line, but know whats inside is worth it. We found the pawn show, stood in line and were impressed upon walking in. We were present on a Saturday night and boy, was it packed. To guarantee yourself a place along with no waiting in line, make a reservation for dinner and stay for the night.

 Burger Joint, located at 119 W. 56th Street [inside Le Parker Meridian Hotel]

Now this place is just fun! A tiny hole-in-the-wall if you will. Located in the back left corner of the Le Parker Meridian Hotel. It is CASH ONLY and you order off a cardboard menu, but you CANNOT find a better burger, fries and malt for under $10 in the city! Make sure you plan on waiting in line...the place only seats about 50 and it's a major celeb-citing location. 

 Gansevoort Hotel, located at 18 9th ave.

Gansevoort offers a great mix. The rooftop bar is perfect for those beautiful New York nights. Even if it is a bit chilly, they offer places inside to lounge. You will find great DJ's mixing fabulous remixes to show off your best dance moves, and an impressive, diverse NY crowd.

Serendipity III [NYC], located at 225 E. 60th Street

[the infamous frozen hot chocolate]

Serendipity is something you have to check off the list while visiting New York City. There is ALWAYS a wait, so make sure you put your name in and plan on shopping the area while waiting. (there is a Bloomingdale's & Urban Outfitters close by) Their food is nothing to rave about, but their desserts, especially the frozen hot chocolate is the talk-of-the-town. I've finished a whole one by myself!


  1. Hi Katie! I like to pop in on your blog every once in a while- and I have to agree with you that the Burger Joint is beyond amazing. Definitely the best burger I have ever had!
    Congratulations on your engagement - it looks like everything is going well for you!

  2. Hi Chelsea, good to hear from you. Thanks for stopping in and reading. Hope your doing well...are you still out in Utah?