Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a pop of spring.

With the weather the way it's been and the sun shining, I felt like our house needed a little pop of Spring. This past weekend I headed to Bachman's and dressed up our house with freshly cut flowers. It was the perfect added accessory- not to mention how great they make your house smell!

I also felt the need to decorate the front of the house. I'm not one to decorate using bunnies, eggs, or other  traditional Easter decorations, but more with the use of "natural" looking decorations. I saw this idea in a magazine for an outdoor spring look and thought I would go for it. 

I went to Michael's craft store and purchased some garden moss and 2 twig wreaths. I bought the pussy willows fresh at Bachman's  & I took two of our own flower pots and came out with this...

I still feel like it's lacking a little something (color, maybe?) so we'll see what I come up with to add...any suggestions are welcome! 

How do you decorate for Spring at your house?

1 comment:

  1. I decorate with candy in candy dishes.... I love edible decorations...