Wednesday, April 27, 2011

making the most of it.

I wanted to write this blog post last Friday for Earth Day, but never ended up getting to it- so sorry!

I don't know about you, but I always find myself buying new shampoo, conditioner and make-up ALL the time. I feel like it always gets used up way too fast.

I found this little blurb on the exact amount's you should be using for each particular beauty product to help avoid wasting your products and your money.

Face moisturizer- use the amount of a peanut for your face, and apply while your face is damp, (from after washing) not wet. Applying your moisturizer while your face is damp allows the moisture to soak in better.
Use another peanut amount to moisturize your neck.

Hair products a.k.a styling cream-use a dime size for thin, fine hair and the size of two nickles for thicker hair. If you end up using too much of your hair product, you can end up looking like you haven't showered in days.
Make sure you are rubbing the product in the palms of your hands and putting the product at least two inches away from the roots of your hair. Grab the end of your hair to make a pony to have the product reach the ends. 
If applying the product while hair is dry, make sure you apply the product to the top layer for best results controlling fly aways.

 Shampoo- For long hair, use the size of an Oreo & for short hair use the amount of a Hershey Kiss. Shampoo is pretty easy to use more than you need. You really only need to wash your roots and can stop half way through your locks-dirt and oil is mostly found close to your roots.

Sunscreen- divide your body into three sections and use a grape-size amount for each. 
First blob, use for your feet & legs. Second blob, use for your tummy and back & third blob use for your arms, neck and face. This is one thing you can never use enough of though, so if you feel you need more, feel free to use more grape-size amounts. Apply every 2 hours for best coverage.

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