Wednesday, April 20, 2011

celebrity cookbooks.

There are many trends in Hollywood that come and go- the latest being a celebrity cook. One year it's becoming a clothing designer and having your their own clothing line, the next it's creating a unique scent for a perfume and now their on to cookbooks. Here are 3 of the latest celebs bringing us into their kitchen's with their very own recipes.

Gwyneth Paltrom, "My Father's Daughter"

This cookbook has gotten great reviews! Gwyneth's cookbook is a collection of over 150 recipes that happen to be inspired by growing up cooking in the kitchen with her father.

Eva Longoria, "Eva's Kitchen-cooking with love for family & friends"

Eva's cookbook is inspired by family and friends. She currently owns two restaurants and cooking is a great passion of hers. She grew up on a large Texas ranch where her family all cooked together. Here is a cute little interview with Eva on her cookbook.

Sheryl Crow, "If it Makes You Healthy"

Sheryl Crow's cookbook is co-written by Chuck White, her personal chef since she was diagnosed with cancer. The book contains 125 recipes that are grouped by season and are easy enough for Sheryl to cook up with her hectic schedule. Even if your not that comfortable in the kitchen, Sheryl promises they are "easy to do and with the addition to taste, they are about wellness."

Anyone have any of these celeb cookbooks? or planning on running out to purchase them after learning more? Let me know how the recipes turn out if you make any recipes outta the 3 cookbooks above.

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