Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lip smackdown.

Stick VS. Gloss

Between my friends and I our preference on either choosing lipstick or lipgloss is evenly divided. My personal preference is gloss; however, I love the look some girls get from wearing lipstick.

Here are some comparisons on the two...who knows it might even have you swinging both ways! 

The Look:
Lipstick, deeply pigmented for all-about-it-color. The finished effect is lady-like and polished. The most common formulations are matte or creamy.

Lipgloss, with the single wave of the wand you are getting a juicy, sheer shade and sometimes a dose of sheen.

Where to Wear:
Lipstick, ideal for evening, work or anytime you want to put a look "together."

Lipgloss, weekends or nights out when you'd rather play up your eyes (don't wanna look too beauty queen-ish)

Stand the test: 
Lipstick, the average lipstick stays for 2 hrs. (less if your sipping lattes) Look for lipstick with a topcoat and that will keep your lips loaded with color for longer.

Lipgloss, seems to wear off quickly; however, I've noticed by putting on a lip balm before you put your gloss on makes it stay longer. The color will adhere to the waxiness.

Lipstick,  main flaw being it can bleed and settle into fine lines.

Lipgloss, glittery pink glosses are cool...if your in high school. For a more sophisticated look, try (non sparkly) neutrals with a hint of peach, rose or caramel. You can also wear a sheer tinted lip balm, it will enhance the color of your lips with a healthy dose of sheen that last longer than gloss.

Pout perks:
Lipstick, gives precise application which ensures that your mouth looks defined. This is a bonus as you get older because your lips become less pronounced.

Lipgloss, the sheer stuff makes your pucker looks fuller. A dab of clear gloss on your bottom lip creates a voluminous look.

Do you have a preference? Lipstick or lipgloss and why?

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