Thursday, January 20, 2011

a new tradition.

Starting today, and every Thursday from here on out I am going to feature a yummy cupcake. I absolutely adore cupcakes (everything about them) and throughout my searches on the web, I come across too many fun, unique ideas not to share.

Today's choice of cupcake: Snowman cupcakes

Don't you just LOVE this?
Start out by making your favorite cupcake (out of a box) either chocolate or vanilla. Frost with vanilla/butter cream icing (something white for the snow affect) You can also sprinkle shaved coconut for an added snow effect.
For the hat: use either a chocolate covered mint (Junior Mint) or a Milk Dud would work too! 
His body: made of marshmallows-cut a small piece off the top and squish onto bottom one to make smaller.
Use little bits of icing to hold everything together.
His eyes: little black/brown sprinkles. Insert a wet toothpick into marshmallow beforehand.
His nose: cut from a gummy fish.

Happy Baking!

Today's cupcake found here!

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