Wednesday, December 1, 2010

my boyfriend's watch.

While flipping through magazines "gifts for women" sections this year, I have noticed an assortment of "boyfriend" watches. A couple of my favorite this year are:

Michael Kors- mother of pearl watch $250

Urban Outfitters-tortoiseshell watch  $28

I was on the hunt last year at about this time for that perfect boyfriend watch when I happened to stumble into my boyfriend's closet. I noticed a shiny, gold watch sitting on top of his dresser. When he got home later that night I asked about the watch and was told it was his great uncle's. A  few weeks went by and I kept eyeing that watch thinking "if only I could find a watch like this one".
Sure enough, I came home one night after work to a wonderful surprise- a boxed up watch that was cleaned and sized to fit my wrist. I wear it often and always love the story behind my boyfriend watch.


  1. L. O. V. E. this post. Everything about it. Jon is out of this world.

  2. Well done! Maybe Chad will let me date MK so I can have that boyfriend watch? haha!