Thursday, December 23, 2010

fabulous friends and family.

Hands down, Jon and I have been blessed with great family and friends. Celebrating such a special time in our life has only proved that more. We have received an uncountable number of congrats along with champagne toasts, dinners and some fun gifts.

We had our families over for a low-key mingling and pizza the night after our engagement. We were greeted with bottles of wine, framed pictures, wedding magazines, ring cleaner and all the wedding chick-flick movies a girl could want.

We received a wedding planner book from our dear friends Mike, Stacey and Harper.
This will be such a fun (and much needed) book to keep the wedding planning organized and have in the future as a keepsake to look back on the details and process.

We went out to dinner last night with two of our other dear friends, Rich and Lindsey- who not only purchased a bottle of champagne for an engagement toast, but got us one of the most fun and special gifts. They swear they had already gotten the gift before they knew the engagement story involved "Saturday morning pancakes," but they knew how much we loved our Saturday mornings together.

An Ebelskivers pan-filled pancakes

Ebelskivers cookbook

I can't wait to give these filled pancakes a try. I was looking through the cookbook and came across "toffee sauce" and "chocolate glaze." That was all I needed to read to make these my new favorite breakfast treat.

Thank you to all our friends and family who have joined in on our celebration. We love you all!

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