Friday, November 19, 2010

it's a date!

It's Friday night and the weather is rather uninviting to be bopping around downtown. It's always nice to have ideas for a fun date night indoors. Tonight, my suggestion is to make it a pizza/wine and game night- with a slight twist of course!

The slight twist being instead of dialing your local pizza delivery boy, you MAKE the pizza. Pick up some pizza dough at your favorite pizza shop or you can purchase already made pizza dough at Trader Joe'

Thumb a list of possible toppings, you can go with just about anything these days. A few suggestions:

  1.  A Gourmet White Pizza
  2. A Wild Mushroom Pizza
  3. Shrimp & Pesto Pizza
  4. Fig & Prosciutto Pizza
  5. A Classic Margherita Pizza
A great red wine suggestion to pair with your choice of pizza is: 
"Untamed Red"

And if your not the wine drinker and prefer beer, my boyfriend suggests:
Founder's "Dirty Bastard"

    Have a great weekend!

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