Friday, November 12, 2010

eyeshadow madness.

Anyone who knows me well enough knows I cannot apply make-up. It is a skill I have not acquired...yet. I say yet because at the age of 25 I'm wanting and willing to learn. My boyfriend's mom was sweet enough to do the "smokey eye" look I needed for my Halloween costume and that's where it all started.

We traveled to the MAC store and she purchased a blank eyeshadow pro palette to let me fill. Isn't she the best?!
You can choose to fill 4,6 or 15. I chose to fill 4 since I am just starting out and here are the colors I chose:



These eyeshadow palettes are great ways to start. Here is a list of MAC eyeshadow bestsellers if my colors aren't your pick.

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  1. I have Brun & Shroom, too! I'll have to try out your other two picks :) ... And yes, Cindy IS the best, how fun!!